Friday, May 1, 2015

News update

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I made the mistake of starting a reread of the Spearfishlake Tales on my main computer. They're engaging enough that I find it hard to stop reading them. Since 38 of the novels have been published online, the 39th starts Monday, it takes a while to work through them.

Three weeks ago Wednesday I went to a networking event called Wetware Wednesday. There was a celebration for the dozen or so graduates of the Dev Bootcamp. There was also an announcement from Datawarehouse that they have formed a new parent company called ike. Datawarehouse will continue providing consulting services while ike will work more like an incubator. They also had the man that is running their first startup talk about his business which involves monitoring the elderly in nursing homes.

Three weekends ago on Saturday was Pascha (Easter) and I went to the 11 pm service at the Greek Orthodox church. Earlier that day I went for a hike with the idea of taking a nap before service. I found a group of trails, the Honolulu Mauka trails iirc, and walked one of them. Then I walked to a state park with an overlook on Mt Tantalus near there. The walk to the park was a bit more tiring than I expected for a 3 mile walk up the mountain.

The week after that I started my reread and it was a quiet week.

Then a week ago last Tuesday I went to the Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs Showcase. They had several presentations by the students.

In the presentation for Scholar Sponser the gentleman presenting mentioned that he was looking for a technical person. He did a great job with the presentation so I introduced myself. We had a nice getting to know you talk and agreed to talk earlier this week. That conversation was pretty high level though we did talk in a very general way about what sort of conditions he'd need to meet for me to join his team. It is quite clear that he's running a nonprofit startup and doesn't have any money to pay a developer. So, if I do work with him it will be nights and weekends work. We'll be meeting again next week to talk in more detail.

Mom flew into Honolulu a week ago Thursday. She joined me for dinner Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we went to the North Shore and hiked in Waimea Valley.

This last week was quiet though I'm joining Mom and Paupau on the Big Island this weekend.

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