Monday, April 6, 2015

News from last week 4/6/15

Here’s the news from Oahu for last week.  Only a day or so later than I meant to get it out.  I spent Saturday and Sunday sleeping off a cold that I caught.

Early in the week there was rain in the afternoons and evenings.  From my desk I can look out through an empty office to see the weather coming down the slope above my apartment.  One day I saw that the roads were terribly backed up while I walked home.  I learned the next day that the machine that was supposed to switch the direction of the express lanes had broken down.  This effectively closed two of lanes on the H1, which resulted in long delays for the folks driving home.

Other than that it was a quiet week with not much special going on.  This week looks to be busier with events in the evening Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.