Sunday, March 29, 2015

News from last week

At work we got finished with everything we needed to get done on Friday.  Then we got a pair of changes to the requirements.  The ladies that will be using the system are going to send us the details so we can get into the new work on Monday.  The work is getting more interesting as I get further into it.  I’ve also gotten some feedback from Ashley, the recruiter with Teksystems.  They’re getting very positive feedback from HMSA.

This week was quite a bit quieter than the last few.  I haven’t gone to any events after work.  The major news is that I’ve finally got my home internet sorted out.  My choices were Oceanic Time Warner Cable or DirectTV.  The apartment is wired for Oceanic and I went with them.  The tech came by on Saturday and got the internet and TV setup.  I only got the most basic TV some it is staying off just like it was when it wasn’t plugged in.

This last weekend was a good one for staying home.  It rained off and on all day Saturday and Sunday.  Also, the Vietnamese place I mentioned last week is called "Green Papaya".

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  1. I really appreciate the updates, Robert. You are so far away, and I've been hoping to hear that this move leaves you flourishing. Sounds as if it does. Because Orthodox don't do guilt I hope you will know I have no such motive for asking for an account of how they do Pascha there. If you go to C&H you should master the hymn in Greek.