Sunday, March 15, 2015

Diamond Head – There and Back Again

When I was planning my trip to Diamond Head I was thinking I’d take TheBus.  Diamond Head is 4 or 5 miles away and that is rather a long walk.  However, when I checked how long each would take the route that used TheBus took an hour and 50 minutes while walking only took 2 hours and I was pretty sure I’d beat the walking time.  So I ended up walking it.

The route I took to get to Diamond Head was an inland route passing through the mauko suburbs.  I passed a couple of different schools, one of which was founded in the 1840s.  Initially I was going through urban areas.  Later though the area turned more suburban.  Some of the houses in that area looked like nice places.  In several cases I saw big boats in driveways.

When I got closer to Diamond Head I encountered some wild chickens.  I got a picture of a rooster and a couple of hens.  Then just down the street I found a tree where the hen had laid her eggs in the fork of a large tree.  The eggs had hatched and the chicks were stuck up the tree peeping when the hen flew down to get food.  I tried to get a picture of that but wasn’t able to since the chicks ducked out of sight.

I also saw a couple of other birds that I got pictures of.

On my way back I decided to go through Waikiki.  I passed Kapiolani Park and the Honolulu Zoo on my way there.

Waikiki is composed of four different beaches from Kapiolani to Fort DeRussy.  One of those beach sections is also called Waikiki Beach.  I got a couple of pictures of the beaches though.  The beach looked nice, but it was incredibly crowded with tourists as was the road through Waikiki.  In the future I suspect I’ll either go to Ala Moana beach or maybe to Fort DeRussy beach.  The fort has some military connection still, so while the beach is public it isn’t crowded with tourists and Ala Moana beach is similarly open though without the military connection.

I did get a pair of pictures.  The first is the Diamond Head end of the beach.  The second was taken facing down the beach.  The pink hotel in the distance is on the section called Waikiki Beach.

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