Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review: “The Last Dragonlord” By Joanne Bertin

Linden Rathan is a weredragon; the last one whose birth was sensed by the other weredragons or dragons.  This makes him the “Little One” even though he’s over six foot six tall and towers over everyone else at Dragonkeep.  The weredragons are called Dragonlords and they serve the local countries as neutral arbitrators and judges.  The queen of one of the local countries dies at the beginning the story and Linden is chosen as one of the three judges to go and sort out the regency debate.  Naturally, there is an evil wizard, plots to secure the regency, plots to destroy the Dragonlords, a love interest, a bard, and a couple of distractions.

Most of the setting is generic fantasy.  The weredragons are the interesting twist in the setting, and the story doesn’t get bogged down describing what they can and can’t do in any detail.

Despite being somewhat generic it is an enjoyable read, provided you can keep the four or five factions more or less straight.

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