Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book Review: “Beyond World’s End” By Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

This is the third of the Eric Banyon series from Mercedes Lackey and starts the series of novels where Eric has moved on and separated from Kory and Beth.  The separation starts off this book in fact.

Eric has gone back to Julliard to finish what he started there years before.  Then the day he moves into his new apartment he learns that he has a live gargoyle for a neighbor and the apartment building is for more than just providing shelter.  It also houses and cares for “Guardians”, people that are specially called to protect normal people from magical and otherworldly threats.  Not a problem for Eric as he is now a fully trained Bard.  A teacher that hates his guts… maybe a problem.  Ria showing up at the Winter Concert… getting to be a problem.  Add in black ops nutters using druggies as experimental subjects for a magic super soldier/assassin program and an Unseleighe elf that figures he’s bad ass enough to take out New York City by himself, well with his hordes of minions.  Poor Eric has a problem on his hands.  Especially since he’s been told that he is not to get involved.

This is a fun read.  It is an easy read and a lighter read than some of Mercedes Lackey’s other Urban Fantasy novels since it doesn’t include anything on kids in poverty.

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