Saturday, March 12, 2011

“Rakkety Tam” by Brian Jacques

This is another story of Mossflower country and Redwall. It has all the expected elements feasting, stories, riddles, a badger, hares, otters, squirrels, watervoles, shrews, mice, and moles. In this case the riddle is much less central to the story, though it ends up solved by the Redwallers.

Rakkety Tam is a Borderer squirrel and mercenary in service to a fool of a squirrel king. Gulo the Savage is a terrible violent wolverine roving in search of his brother Askar and the “Walking Stone”, which Askar stole. In his pursuit Gulo hears of Redwall and decides to take it, but finds that he cannot.

All in all this story is one of the more enjoyable of the Redwall novels. The story is as solid as ever, the characters are vivid and colorful, and the hares provide more than one comic ballad.

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