Monday, March 28, 2011

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant, Schaumburg, IL

This location is no longer listed on the McCormick & Schmick's site, and appeared to be closed when I drove past on 4/30/11.

This restaurant is at 1140 East Higgins Road in Schaumburg, IL. The phone number is 847-517-116.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice, relatively quiet and relaxed. The dress tended towards business casual or casual for the other diners I saw.

We arrived at 5 pm, the restaurant was quiet and the server checked on us regularly. As the evening wore on and the restaurant got moderately busy the server quit checking regularly, and became less attentive when he did check in. Towards the end of the evening he became confused over the coffee order, bringing an extra decaf instead of the list of coffee drinks with Frau Angelico that was requested. He also messed up the bill when it came time to split it. He accidentally put one of our deserts on a different bill. He corrected it when the error was pointed out and tried to pass it over with a comment about how difficult it is to split up a bill. It is true that this can be difficult, particularly if the server doesn't properly attach the order to the seat as looked to have happened in this case.

I ordered the California Roll as an appetizer and the Sea Scallops with Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto for the entree. The California Roll came out on a dish with wasabi, pickled ginger, a spicy red sauce, and a very small bowl of soy sauce. It is good that it came with the spices because the roll itself was pretty tasteless. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a dish to mix the sauces in.

There is a story to go with the Scallops with Risotto. I had intended to order the Scallops sauteed with tomatoes, mushrooms, and crostini. When I was ordering I pointed to the Scallops sauteed and said I'd like the Sea Scallops with tomato and mushroom. The waiter said, "The Risotto?" and I made the mistake of saying yes. So I got the Sea Scallops with Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto. A side note, pay attention when you order as the waiter might confuse a less expensive dish with a more expensive dish. The scallops were tasty and so was the risotto. There was something strewn over the risotto. It seemed to be toasted sprouts. They didn't add anything to the dish as far as I was concerned.

All in all, I suggest not going here. The service was mediocre. The food was good, but not extraordinary. The only thing it really has going for it is a better wine list than Red Lobster and a fancier selection than either Dover Straits or Red Lobster.

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