Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Review: “Lyon’s Pride” by Anne McCaffrey

This is the fourth book after “The Rowan” and occurs shortly after the events in “Damia’s Children”.

The story starts with Rojer and the Genesee. His brother Isthian is on the way to relieve him. Their sister Laria is now serving as Clarf Prime helping the Mrdini and providing FT&T service. Zara, another sister, is finishing up her studies as a healing Prime with Elizara. The book follows these four threads as the pursuit of the Hiver ships continues.

This is quite likely one of Anne McCaffrey’s better “airport” books. The dialogue is enjoyable, the character interaction interesting, and the plot is both simple and transparent. The characters themselves are seldom more than mildly engaging, which is good as there are highs and lows in this book that could have been overpowering with more engaging characters.

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