Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Review: “Dragonseye” by Anne McCaffrey

This book by Anne McCaffrey is set on Pern just before the start of the Second Pass. A number of minor plotlines are woven together. Lord Chalkin of Bitra Hold doesn’t believe, and doesn’t want to believe that Thread is about to fall. Iantine is an aspiring artist looking to begin his career. Debera leaves her family to Impress a green dragon at Telgar Weyr, which is lead by K’vin and Zulaya. Clisser is leading the College into the new pass and trying to preserve what must be preserved. Lord Paulin of Fort heads the Council as most of Pern prepares to meet Thread.

By the end of the book Chalkin has been impeached and exiled. Iantine has gained a reputation as a skilled portraitist and won the heart of Debera. The Eye, Finger, and Star rocks have been designed, and their placement on each Weyr has been established. This quote from the end of the book pretty well sums up the emotion, “What a time to be alive…”

All in all the action is simple and the physical challenges rather easily overcome for the protagonists. The politicking and personal interactions on the other hand…

It is an enjoyable story with only one obvious anachronism. It is said that the AIVIS turned itself off, despite that event not happening for another 2000 Turns.

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