Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book Review: "Acorna's Quest"

This book by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball is the second book in the series dealing with Acorna, the unicorn girl. The foe changes as the story advances. Initially there isn't one. Then the Starfarers are the foe. These are defeated in a chapter or two and the main characters start cleaning up the mess that was created. Then the Kleevi show up as new enemies. They take a couple more chapters to drive off.

Over all it's an easy read. There are several interesting characters including Hafiz Harakamian, Johnny Greene, and Karina a fake psychic. The plot isn't terribly memorable, but it suffices to put the characters in a variety of situations. The overall writing is easy to read, easy to digest, and even the less interesting characters are pleasant to read.

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